Forklift Equipment Sales is a leading Australian service provider of forklift attachments and materials managing equipment. FES offers a broad range of crane and forklift attachments, storage and waste solutions, environmental protection and drum handling equipment. Please click through and make contact with one of our friendly team who is looking forward to hear from you.

Many attachments products such as, Coil with carpet lifting rams, cylinder caddies, fork covers, fork mounted brush sweepers, fork extensions, fork mounted drum handling equipment, forklift accessories, forklift forks, forklift lifting beams as well as hooks, forklift work platforms, forklift booms, forklift trailer spotters and accessories, forklift seats and seat belts, pallet pullers, and so many additional diverse ranging products are developed and supplied by Forklift Equipment Sales with excellence and efficiency.

FES are dedicated towards our clients to offer them the best services. Our proficient team put huge efforts on making our services more accountable and really satisfying for customers. We pride ourselves on offering high quality products at a very reasonable cost. We are self-satisfied to offer first-class client service, delivered through an efficient and friendly team, who are waiting and ready to provide expert guidance and technical help.

This is the commitment and dedication of our specialised team which resulted in hard-earned reputation and recognition in the industry, as a leading supplier of forklift materials and attachment handling equipment in Australia region. Feel free to explore our professional site and contact details to learn more about our services.

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