Forklift Equipment Sales pride themselves on their dynamic and interactive training programs.

Specifically tailored to meet individual and business needs you can rest assured you’ll be able to find the right package for you as well as your employees. Please contact our friendly staff so we can tailor the correct package for your requirements.

Our 4 main packages include:

  • Forklift Licence
  • Order Picker Licence
  • First Aid Training
  • Yellow Cards

A professional training is something very much required prior to utilizing heavy equipment in the field, in order to stay away from any hazard or miss-happening, this is the reason why we are dedicated to provide you seamless training so that you can make yourself comfortable about the equipment.

In the present market, industries are hugely reliant on the weighty equipment since they hand out the purpose of making a long lasting as well as strong infrastructure. However lack of training of heavy equipment operators in the business, fails to fulfill the constraint. So, there is tremendous demand of equipment sales companies that can proving additional training of that forklift equipment.

We go all-out to make operator training effortlessly accessible as well as readily available through specialised and expert team of trainers at our easily reachable training center in Australia. This assurance to operative training, in conjunction with our product design features as well as safety-alert technology alternatives, offers a all-inclusive approach designed to facilitate our customers form a customs of safety.

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