Whether you are deciding to purchase one of our newly developed or used forklifts, Forklift Equipment Sales can assist you in the best financing options that are as adaptable as the equipment they represent.

We can recommend you the most appropriate finance options for your forklift and accessories purchase in order to get you back to you work as soon as possible. With widespread experience in the industry, we can offer you with the expert knowledge to help in increasing cash flow and savings.

Forklift finance options include;

  • Lease
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Commercial hire purchase

Lease of Finance Lease

It is a conventional form of funding for the corporate or professional people, mostly used while buying equipment, plants or motor vehicles for business purposes. Through a Finance Lease, the repayment is normally acceptable as a deduction, which may grant some individuals with some taxation benefits.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is best while financing forklift or any other equipments or vehicles. This facility is exactly similar to any asset purchase facility, but the entire stamp duty (if required) is to be paid up front.

Commercial Hire Purchase

The Commercial Hire Purchase is additionally recognized as Asset Purchase, is an agreement where the financier offers you tenure and use of an item of equipment in response of expected payments. When the concluding payment is done, the hirer possesses the whole equipment.

Forklift finance quote

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