Forklift Hire & Rental

Forklift Equipment Sales carries a comprehensive range of equipment for rental as well as for sales, in an extensively reasonable price quotes, with required grantees and warranties according to the piece of equipment. We ensure that you will find our products more effective and reliable as we also believe in long term client relationship so, your first time dealing with us, will not be the last.


Equipment rental is a fantastic alternative to purchasing in condition when you only require equipment for a short period of time, or if you want to wait prior to making a capital expenses. Maintenance is incorporated in the rental cost thus there is no need to concern about additional expenses.


On the other hand, when you need equipment for long periods of time to carryout required task, then there is no doubt in purchasing the equipment, in fact, this would be the best investment in your business to reduce any kind of rental expenses.

With the extensive availability of used as well as new forklift product, being the most preferred company in Australia for Forklift sales and rentals, we offer attractive discounts and additional special services to our regular customers in order to maintain good relationships in the business.

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